Troll Thief

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The gameplay of Troll Thief

Refresh your day with the fun and enjoyable puzzle game Troll Thief. Use the hand of the stickman to grab objects and use them to complete challenges.

As one of the fans of puzzle games, you should not miss this game. You need to control the stickman's hand to pick up the necessary objects or required items at each level. You have no time limit to complete the challenges. However, you need to think carefully before using that hand. You can fail if you use them in the wrong way. After completing a challenge, the next door will open. Do your best to pass as many levels as possible. Don't miss this game even for a second.

Impressive levels in Troll Thief

The game has tons of levels to challenge you. You need to put in a lot of gray matter to overcome all of them. However, the difficulty will increase gradually as you level up. You have to do all the missions to complete the level. Sometimes, you need to base on the items or hints given in the levels to troll other characters. If you do it wrong, the level will end and you have to repeat the challenge from the beginning.