Stickman Hook

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Basic information about Stickman Hook

Relax with an exciting fast-paced action game that is Stickman Hook. Show off your rope swing skills to pass the hooks and bring the stickman to the endpoint.

If you have ever played Swing Monkey, you can control this game easily by its similar gameplay. Help the stickman reach the finish line by catching the hooks. After taking the hook, use it to jump from this hook to another. Then, take advantage of the hooks and mattresses to get to the goal. After you complete a certain number of levels, you will be able to change the stickman to get a new stickman. Next, keep going to conquer new levels. Note that you will lose if you let the stickman fall into the hole or bump into dangerous obstacles. It's time to turn the stickman into Spiderman.

Essential parts in Stickman Hook

There are a total of 150 levels in the game. You will complete a level when you reach the endpoint successfully. After some levels, you will get special skins. It has 23 skins that you can get in the game. You will unlock the stickman ninja after completing the first 10 levels. An angel skin will be unlocked when you complete the first 20 levels. A Superman skin will be given to you if you complete all 150 levels.