Donkey Kong

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Donkey Kong is a retro game in which you have to save Pauline from a huge ape. You have to overcome tons of dangerous creatures to complete the mission.

This game appeared a long time ago, but it's still hot now. We will walk through this retro game to know why this old game is still famous. The factors that may contribute to the game’s attraction are characters, gameplay, and so on. Moreover, I also give some tips for newbies who want to pass this game easily. I'm sure you may spend hours playing this game until you can complete all levels. Don't forget to follow your scores on the right corner of the screen.

Retro games and Donkey Kong

In the 90s, when technology was still not developed, video games were created with fairly simple graphics and the details of characters or backgrounds were not clear. These games also appeared very early in the video game industry. However, so far these retro graphics have become one of the signature features. In particular, Donkey Kong must be mentioned as a prominent game in the genre of the classic game. With friendly gameplay, all players of all ages can approach this game. Moreover, Donkey Kong has brought the breath of the 90s to today's technology age. When a series of games with vivid graphics were born, this classic game became even more different and outstanding.

Donkey Kong game

You may find many fanmade Donkey Kong games on the Internet, but you must try the Donkey Kong game on our website. With various levels, this game really challenges your cleverness. However, it's still an arcade game with easy gameplay. With retro graphics, this game remind me of the video games in the past. However, this game will run on almost devices from smart phones to PC because it is designed with HTML5 technology.

Arcade Donkey Kong

Life is so unfair to you and your talent isn't recognized, but your great ability will be shown off in this fun game. An online game is always a platform for you to clear your mind and perform cool skills. This game is designed with a retro style which will bring you to classic games from the past. The gameplay is quite easy but mastering this arcade game is very hard. According to my experience of replaying hundreds of times, you should prepare a spirit of steel to be able to pass a level.

The storyline

If I had to vote for the character with the most adventures, I think it's Mario. He has tons of different journeys to visit many countries in the world. Because of Mario's popularity, he became the main character of a series of adventure games around the world. Many games have become classics, and one of them must be mentioned Donkey Kong. In this game, he has another adventure in the world of Donkey Kong. This ape catches two friends of Mario who are Fludd and Pauline. Mario will be on the journey to save them. He has to face many dangerous traps and fire monsters.

Donkey Kong characters

If you are a big fan of Mario games, you will be familiar with the Donkey Kong characters. The main characters are Mario vs Donkey Kong and you can encounter other characters - Fludd, and Pauline.

  • Mario is an Italian plumber who isn't too tall and a little pudgy. He appears in over 200 video games. Now, he is here to save the poor characters.
  • Donkey Kong (or DK) is a simple ape that has a huge size. It will cause difficulty for Mario by throwing many gas tanks down and they will turn into dangerous flames. This ape can knock out Mario with one touch.
  • Fludd is a multipurpose water pack. Although it is an object, it can communicate with a human. Professor E. Gadd equips AI into it, so it's considered Mario's friend.
  • Pauline is Mario's lover in the Donkey Kong version with an attractive appearance. Therefore, the ape captures her and she waits for Mario's help.

Donkey Kong gameplay

The game offers you a long journey. In this game, you not only rescue Pauline but also save Fludd. Fludd will be your companion along the adventure. Therefore, you must save Fludd first. Each victim will appear in different levels and the challenges also change through each level. You may play one level to dozen times, but the final answer is to defeat. Don’t worry! This game is challenging your patience and hones your skills. I’m sure you can pass all levels with more effort.

Rescue Fludd and Pauline

You can see Fludd right at the first level. It is arrested on the top platform next to the huge ape. Mario starts at the bottom of the maze. To reach the highest platform, you should jump from one platform to another platform. Don't fall down from a high position and be careful of the fire. You just need to come to close the Fludd to save it. Although this is the first level, it's a very hard code.

As same as Fludd, Pauline is imprisoned on the top floor. The ape will guard under that floor. Of course, Mario can't directly combat that monster because of the power difference. Therefore, Mario will use his wit to beat the big ape. You can see many connections which link the platforms. Now, let's move through them to destroy them. When all these connections are destroyed, the floor of the ape will break and the monster will also be defeated. Then, you will encounter the beautiful Pauline.

Ways to use keyboard in Donkey Kong

  • Press the left arrow keys to move left
  • Press the right arrow keys to move right
  • Click on the up arrow to climb up the ladder
  • Click on the down arrow to climb down the ladder
  • Press the spacebar to jump
  • To use the nozzle turbo, press the A key

The success rules to save two characters in Donkey Kong

Each game also has its tips to conquer that game. This information is summarized after many failures of gamers. Sometimes, it is the secret weapon to beat many different levels. Of course, it will be difficult to reveal tips and notes to another person. Don't worry because I'm here. I will give useful advice to everyone.

  • At the first level, the hammers can be used to hit the flames and gas tanks. However, they only exist for a certain time after you take them. Therefore, you need to use them properly. One more thing, you can't climb the ladder if you get the hammer in your hands. Many flames will find and chase you. You can jump over them, but don't be enclosed by many flames. They can hurt your Mario if he touches them. The flames will move unpredictably and they even can climb the ladder.
  • You need to climb the ladders to reach the top floor. However, you should look carefully because there are some broken ladders. They may get you stuck and the flame will surround you. The ladders are the only connection to climb up the higher floor. Thus, you must make a strategy to climb the ladder without being discovered by fire.

Compare Tropical Freeze Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong

The Donkey Kong series includes many versions and Tropical Freeze Donkey Kong is one of the outstanding versions. It is set as the main character in Donkey Kong 1981 and it got much positive feedback from players. Although Tropical Freeze Donkey Kong has 3D graphics and smooth movement, some players still love the classic game with retro characters. Thus, you can see similar characters which are Kong and Mario in Donkey Kong on our website. Only two levels can cause many gamers to give up.

If the gorilla is the main character with an exciting adventure in the 3D game version, the Kong ape will become a villain and Mario needs to defeat it in the classic game. You will see an enormous ape that is throwing many boxes down. It tries to prevent Mario from saving friends. Can it gain the aim? Now, let’s be on the adventure and kill the scary ape. There is no time for you to think because the monsters will access to attack you.

Start journey in Donkey Kong now

Adventures are always fun, aren't they? In particular, an adventure with more difficulties will arouse everyone's desire to conquer. Join this game to be able to return to the nostalgic 90s! Be a real hero who rescued the wretched and defeated the beast. Don't forget to show off your achievements to your friends! This fun game should be on your favorite list because of its attractive gameplay. You will have a chance to enjoy this game without paying on our website. If you like this game, don't play it alone. You can share it with your friend or challenge them. Then, let's see who will rescue Pauline first. Don't be hesitant! Have fun now!