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About Stabfish.io

The gameplay

Fight the monsters of the ocean in the io game which is Stabfish.io. Take advantage of your sword to protect yourself and get rid of other fish.


With new rules and catchy effects, this game definitely makes you excited. In this game, you will participate in a life-and-death battle between fishes. Each type of fish will be equipped with a special and advanced weapon. So are you. You will transform into a small fish with a tusk on your head and live with countless fishes in a pool. Use them skillfully to get rid of other fish in the pool. Move the mouse to control the direction of your fish. To eliminate other opponents, you must move skillfully and quickly to point your weapon at them and crash into them. You can also press and hold the mouse to speed up the movement. Then, collect their meat to make your fish grow up. Each time you kill a fish, your tusk will be longer. That fish will be a new decoration for you to help you stand out from your enemies. Continue to eliminate the other fish to become the ruler of your sea. However, you have to be careful with other fish. They are also very intelligent and dangerous. Sometimes, your opponent can move and approach suddenly for an unpredicted attack. You have to focus and try to dodge their dangerous attacks. The more fish you kill, the higher your score will be. You can get special items or unlock more fish types or new features when you complete special missions or kill much fish. Try your best to get a high score and put your name on the list of people with the highest score. You can invite your friends to the game or log in to join other online players.

Developer and platform

This game was released in February 2020. It is developed by Zytech AI. This game is playable on electronic devices such as mobile phones or desktops.

Remarkable elements in Stabfish.io

Kinds of fish

After participating in this game, you will see there are various fish such as sharks, whales, dolphins, Manta Ray, Puffer Fish, Goldfish Family, Narhwal, octopus, Moray Eel, sea turtles, stingrays, etc.. You can easily see the difference between their appearance, weapons, and special abilities. You can unlock these new types of fish after achieving important achievements or killing many fish species in the tank. Besides, you can get bonus points when you unlock many new fish species.

All the weapons

Each type of fish will have special weapons. There are a total of 16 weapons divided into 4 main groups including tusk, trident, chill blade, and chainsaw. Each player will start the game with a tusk. After passing level 4, you can change your weapon to a new one. Each weapon will have a special use and interface. You have to unlock special achievements in the game.

Change the skin of your fish

You can change your character's appearance by changing the mask or hat in the shop. There are about 33 masks and 31 hats in the shop. You are free to choose among the top items. However, you need to complete special challenges or unlock new fish to unlock the following item. For example, you can have a ghost hat when you are dropped by Gulper Eel. When you are dropped by a snapping turtle, you can have a moss mask.