House Of Hazards

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Escape all dangers of House Of Hazards

The rules of the game

Take part in a series of challenges set out in House Of Hazards. Control your character through a series of dangerous obstacles in the house to survive.

A game where all the objects in the house can become weapons to kill you, so you have to be sharp to see and avoid them. First, choose for yourself a game mode and character to start the journey. Then follow the tutorial to see the tutorial of the game. You have to take your character through all the deadly obstacles in the house by standing up, sitting down, or moving. Just touch an obstacle, and you will be killed or injured. You also need to try to go a distance further than your opponent in 2-player mode. Either in any mode try to be the winner.

How to control your character

  • 1-player

Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Use the W key or UP ARROW key to jump up

Press on the S key or the DOWN ARROW key to bown down

  • 2-player

The first player

Use the IJKL keys to move

Use the I key to jump up

Press on the K key to bown down

The second player

Hokd on the ARROW key to move

Use the UP ARROW key to jump up

Press on the DOWN ARROW key to bown down

House Of Hazards' modes

There are 2 main modes in the game including normal and time trial. In normal mode, you will be able to choose 1-player mode and 2-player mode. In 2-player mode, you can choose to beat the AI or play with friends. Either way, you get to choose your character and need to overcome the game's challenges to complete the level. However, in casual mode, you need to outrun your opponent to become the winner. In time mode, you need to complete all levels in the shortest time to get a high score. Is there anything else you don't understand about the game?