Home Sheep Home

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What about Home Sheep Home

Home Sheep Home will take you on an extremely interesting journey of sheep. Take these mischievous sheep home by guiding them to overcome obstacles.

If you are a fan of adventure or adventure, you should not miss this game. In the game, you need to bring three sheep Shirley, Shawn, and Tummy. Your job is to take all sheep from this side to the other or go to the signpost to return to the barn. Use the arrow key to move them. To select the sheep to move, you need to click on each sheep icon in the top right corner. You may encounter countless obstacles or difficulties on the way. You have to get over them quickly. Think carefully before you decide to move. Sometimes, the best way is to use the help items on the road. Try not to let these sheep fall off the cliff. At that point, your game will be over. After you pass a level, you can continue to the next level. The following levels will be more difficult than the previous levels.

Highlights about Home Sheep Home

How to lead sheep to the barn

Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Use the SPACEBAR key, the UP ARROW key, or the W key to jump

All levels you can conquer

With 15 diverse levels, the game gives you many different challenges. You have to pass the small levels to get to the higher levels. Each level will have different obstacles. Use the items on your road to pass the game easily. After you successfully get all the sheep to the signpost, you will complete the level.