Amigo Pancho

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What's in Amigo Pancho waiting for you

Take a grab at Amigo Pancho to explore Amigo's journey through the desert. Be aware of the obstacles in front of you and remove them to move forward.

The physics puzzle games have never cooled down, especially this game. With diverse levels and new gameplay, you can dive into it at first sight. Amigo Pancho has an adventure in Mexico on balloons. However, his path was not easy at all. You must help him on every journey by removing the obstacles above his head. To remove the obstacle, you can click on it. However, some obstacles cannot be removed in this way. Therefore, you must take advantage of the support items around you. Remember that Amigo Pancho can only fly high thanks to the balls. Thus, he can continue his journey with a balloon. However, if you break both balls, he will fall down. After completing one challenge, you will be able to continue to conquer the next challenge. Airplane travel is a common thing, so what about traveling on balloons? Experience this now.

What must you overcome

The level of the game always attracts the majority of fans. The game is divided into 3 main levels including easy, medium, and difficult. In total, there are 7 easy levels, 11 medium levels, and 7 difficulty levels. The levels are arranged in a pyramid shape. The early levels are pretty easy to get through. However, at high levels, you need to put more gray matter to overcome them. Think twice before Amigo Pancho flies up or hits obstacles. The game requires you to pass the easy levels to get to the difficult levels. In high levels, you also have to overcome more obstacles like rocks, spikes, dragon fog, and so on.