Dreadhead Parkour

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Combined by Sonic and Geometry Dash, this epic running game will give you a new perspective. As one of the best games of Gametornado, this game is becoming a craze for the gamer community.

Your mission in Dreadhead Parkour

The theory

Practice the reflexes with your hands in Dreadhead Parkour. All you need to do is to run and overcome the deadly obstacles on the way to get to the destination.

Despite the familiar mechanics and popular gameplay, the game always attracts many fans around the world. Step into the game and control the Dreadhead through the obstacles to the finish line. You can encounter countless obstacles placed consecutively such as wooden bars, narrow wall slots, circular saws, spikes, rolling balls, wormholes, bombs, and so on. Overcoming these obstacles, you will reach other obstacles. To get over them, besides running you can also control the character to jump, jump high, crawl, or climb. In addition, you also have to collect the coins on the way. Collect all the coins, and you will get one star. The game will be over if you hit even one obstacle or fall into the hole. Remember that Dreadhead runs very fast, so you have to react quickly before he hits an obstacle and dies. The level will be considered successful when you get your character to reach the end point safely. After collecting some coins, you can exchange them to take a new character and continue your journey to conquer the game. Are you ready for this unique running game?

How Dreadhead work

Press on the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move him

Use the UP ARROW key and RIGHT ARROW key or the W key and the D key to jump high

Tap on the DOWN ARROW key or the S key to crawl

Other aspects of Dreadhead Parkour

Your character's skins

With the coins you earn, you can use them to exchange for a new look in the character section. There are a total of 12 characters with diverse looks. You can see the king, thief, Mario, Spiderman, Ironman, Batman, rainbow Dreadhead, and so on. In it, you need at least 500 coins for a new character. Some premium characters can only be unlocked when you reach certain levels.

What are the levels you have to pass

There are all 35 mini levels in the game. The levels are arranged on a map with difficulty ranging from low to high. After you reach the goal point, you will be able to jump to the next level. The obstacles will increase and become more dangerous as you are at high levels. The level will stop if you crash into obstacles or fall into the dead holes. Some levels will give you a star if you pick up all the coins. After completing 35, levels you will win the game.

Developer and platform

The game was updated in March 2023. It is one of Gametornado's most prominent games besides Eugene Life, Short Life, and so on. You can play it on web browsers like computers, phones, laptops, Macs, etc.