Tom And Jerry: Run Jerry

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How about Tom And Jerry: Run Jerry 

Welcome to that 2D endless game Tom And Jerry: Run Jerry. Control Jerry to overcome the obstacles in the kitchen to escape from Tom and run as far as possible.

Let this simple rules game explode your day. Guide Jerry to run through the obstacles and avoid Tom. Click your mouse to jump. Use double-click when you want to jump consecutively. You have 1 time to collide with obstacles. If you collide with the barriers a second time or fall down, you will lose. At that time, you will have to retry the game. Try to go as far as you can to get an attractive score. Have you ever been a big fan of the movie Tom and Jerry? This game will give you the opportunity to role-play in your favorite childhood movie. Just join now.

Key points of Tom And Jerry: Run Jerry 

Obstructions in the game

You may encounter many obstacles in the game like cups, pots, bowls, traps, etc. You will encounter more obstacles as you go further. As you level up, you get more platforms. You can jump into them to avoid Tom easier. If you hit obstacles the second time, you will fail. Try not to fall into the slots unless you want to lose.

Tricks and tips

Firstly, don't jump too fast or too slow. This will make it easier for you to hit obstacles or fall on a spot. Secondly, you need to take advantage of elevated platforms. Thirdly, you can use the double time jump skill on the obstacles that are placed close to each other. However, do not abuse this skill.