Defense Quest: Save Your Base

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Fight and defend your territory in Defense Quest: Save Your Base

A battle between mighty armies is raging in Defense Quest: Save Your Base. Use your abilities to defend your stronghold and destroy the hateful invaders.

This game will not disappoint you with the list of one of the most addictive games of recent times. Take control of your character and use combat abilities like a ditch, barricade, razor wire, and freeze to kickstart your battle. To use or activate these abilities, you need to use your energy which you can see through the energy bar. However, your energy and abilities are limited, so you need to collect enough energy by destroying many opponents to continue using your skills. After you complete a level, you can get some coins. You can use that coin to upgrade your soldier or energy character. After upgrading soldiers and energy, you can get a new character with superior combat skills. Combined with your character's shooting skills, your talent for using your combat skills is an integral part of winning in this fascinating game. Jump into the game and fight for saving your base.

Necessary things for upgrading in Defense Quest: Save Your Base

After earning some coins, you can use them to add other soldiers to upgrade your army. To get another member, you need to use coins to upgrade the soldier, and energy. After the upgrade is complete, you will get a new core that can integrate these modes. Besides, you can use 1 of 4 abilities to support your character including ditch, barricade, razor wire, and freeze. With ditches, you can dig ditches to cause your opponent to fall and sink while walking through them. You can use barricades with sandbags or barricades with barricade and razor wire. Freeze can help you freeze your opponent. Once done, you can level up and continue with new stronger, and bigger armies. You can even face big bosses and have to destroy them.