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Participate in an exciting adventure of Terraria

Form your own land in Terraria. You need to control your character to move and pick up resources to take advantage of them to defeat dangerous enemies.

An adventure for your spare days is here. You need to control your character to collect essential items such as weapons, fuel, tools, and resources to provide items for your character and fight the enemies that are waiting for you outside. You have to find them by mining and searching in areas around you such as deep caves, rocky mountains, and so on. Finally, after collecting enough necessary items, you have to fight dangerous enemies. You can meet bosses at the end of each match or fight powerful enemies every night. Therefore, use your available items to build trenches to protect yourself against them. Remember that you just have a certain life. If you lose all, you will die. You can get your hands on the game now to get a better understanding

What are the notes about Terraria

How can you move

Use the WASD keys to move

Click on the left mouse to dig

Choose from 0 to 9 to choose the tool

Press on the R key to reset

Use the C key to move to the center

Hold the E key to see the inventory

Use the K key to move to creative mode

Items that you can pick up in the game

Some of the items you can pick up include weapons, tools, jewelry, gems, pets, accessories, furniture, and more. After picking them up, you can review them in your inventory. Each tool will give you different benefits such as building a house to protect from dangerous enemies, fighting them, or collecting money.