Feed Me

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Transform into a carnivorous plant in Feed Me

Feed Me will be a journey that helps you experience the lifestyle of carnivorous plants. Move to collect the insects and stay away from the obstacles.

With gameplay similar to Getting Over It, the game will bring you great relaxing moments. You will transform into a carnivorous plant. You need to collect flies by stretching the neck of the tree. Then wait for the flies to fly past and you quickly grab them. Besides, you can move from one position to another by clicking on the ground and pushing your body up to move to further positions. You can use your body to move on the ceiling. However, you also need to avoid obstacles because they can cause you to lose energy. There are a few things you need to keep in mind in the game including time, energy, and bonuses. You have a certain time to complete the level, so you will lose if you don't finish within this time. You are given 5 energy bars and you will lose it if you come into contact with obstacles on the way. Remember that you can get some bonus points if you collect watering cans on the way. Have you ever been interested in carnivorous plants on animal world shows? Join this game to experience their life.

The difficulty of Feed Me

You are offered a series of levels with increasing difficulty. Each level allows you to complete in 4 minutes. After you get this pot to the finish line, you will complete the challenge and go to the next level. You may encounter obstacles on the way such as deep holes or thorns. You can lose energy or lose if you hit them. You will have special abilities such as stretching your neck, climbing walls, walking on ceilings, and more. Use them to beat your levels.