Squid Game: All rounds

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Take on the challenge in Squid Game: All rounds

Squid Game: All Rounds is based on the survival action movie of the same name. Overcome the same challenges and try to survive the rounds to be the last one.

Have you watched Squid Game yet? What do you think of the challenges in the movie? Do you think you will easily overcome these challenges like the characters in the movie? If all the answers are yes, you need to give this game a try. Take part in extreme survival challenges to be the last one and win the game. Enter the first round with calm and confidence as possible. You must try to pass in the shortest time allowed. Each challenge will have its own tasks and difficulties. If you fail to complete the missions, you will be destroyed. However, don't be afraid and move forward bravely. Will you become the last survivor or will be killed from the beginning of the game?

What's hidden behind Squid Game: All rounds

You will have to go through 7 rounds with different challenges and increased difficulty. You have to complete these challenges quickly and excellently to become the winner. In the first round or Red, Green Light, you have to cross a large area with other players. You need to cross this area in the allotted time. In particular, you must stop when the doll or the guards turn down. If they find out you're running, you'll be shot immediately. In the second round, it's called Honeycomb. Your task is that you need to cut the cake according to its contour. The mission will fail if the cake is broken. To avoid breaking the cake, you should stop when the needle starts to vibrate. Or the most difficult is the quest in the 7th round. When you have to collect a lot of food on the way to get energy and beat the boxer or your opponent to become a survivor. There are many challenges waiting for you. Let's get into the game now.