Hamster Town

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Hamster Town is a candy delivery game for adorable hamsters with lines you create. Try to collect stars and solve challenging puzzles along the way.

The gameplay is quite simple

You need to collect as many stars as possible with adventures along the way to do the quest. Find as many stars as possible and then expand the house for your mouse. Build the home of your dreams and make it the best. You can invite your mouse's neighbors to your house to play.

You can deliver candy to the mouse any way you want. Try to figure out how to deliver as fast as possible to get more tasks done. There are countless different delivery ways that make for extremely interesting and creative gameplay for players to explore.

Attractive features

Although the gameplay is quite simple, these games have a highlight that attracts many players because puzzles it has countless attractive and thrilling. Make players want to play more to conquer these puzzles. The cuteness of the hamsters will probably make you fall in love with no way out when playing this game. These mice are extremely cute, giving players a more likeable feeling. Try to collect as many stars to decorate your house as the most gorgeous and shimmering.