Castle Keeper

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How about Castle Keeper

Fight to defend your castle in the archery game that is Castle Keeper. Guide your character to move to shoot down all the enemies and protect the castle.

This game definitely makes you excited and favor because of its engaging gameplay. In this game, you need to move to archery to defeat all enemy waves to protect your castle. Drag the stickman to turn left or right to control the direction of the bow and arrow. The waves of enemies will become larger, so you need to quickly eliminate them before they reach your castle. Take the use of boost items in the game like ladders, crates, or rocks to kill enemies faster and easier. After completing a wave, you can get some special skills and receive some coins. Use those skills to upgrade your character and continue to fight in the next wave and use your coins to buy the upgrades. Are you a brave and talented castle defender?

Special information about Castle Keeper

Waves of enemy

You will have to go through 15 waves to beat the game. Each wave is equivalent to a level. New waves of enemies will be harder and enemies will also outnumber. This requires you to quickly remove them before they overwhelm your castle. At high levels, you must use support items such as wooden crates, enemy ladders, or upgraded weapons to defeat stubborn enemies.

Skills and upgrade

Although you need to deal with waves of fierce enemies, you have some special skills to support you in the battle. After each time you win or pass a wave, you will be given 3 special skills. There are many special skills such as adding life, increasing the power of the bow, increasing the speed of the bow, running faster, adding coins, becoming a giant, and so on. You can also upgrade your archer with 1 of 3 upgrades such as healing, killing power, and coins. Each of these upgrades requires some coins to unlock.