Zombie Tsunami Online

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Summary of Zombie Tsunami Online

Blend in an amazing arcade game that is Zombie Tsunami Online. Control zombies to eat as many people as possible to become stronger and sweep new areas.

If you are familiar with zombie movies, you will easily understand the rules of this game. A zombie rebellion is beginning. Your mission is to bite the victims on the road and turn them into zombies like you. Then, sweep and overturn obstacles on the road such as cars, buses, tanks, planes, and so on. Try to avoid moving vehicles. It can eliminate your zombies. Try to be as large as possible. Don't forget to collect the coins on the way. You can use those coins to buy special items in the shop. Be prepared to sweep the world.

Notes about Zombie Tsunami Online

You can discover interesting and useful items like specials, power-ups, and hats. You can have special abilities with specials like transforming into a dragon for 5s, creating waves, or cloning zombies with UFOs. Besides, power-ups can help you increase strength such as double coins, magnets to attract coins, or more coins along the way. Also, you have 3 options for the hats. However, each item requires you to spend some coins to buy them. For example, you need 3000 coins to upgrade to UFO zombies, and 1500 coins to buy magnets.