Yeti Sensation

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What do you know about Yeti Sensation

With only simple rules, Yeti Sensation will surely make you unable to take your eyes off it. Run as far as possible by overcoming barriers and collecting coins.

This is a basic endless running game but it will keep you entertained. The apeman Yeti was lost in the city. Take control of him to overcome all obstacles and collect coins to avoid getting caught. Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys button on your keyboard to run. Moreover, try to collect berries along the way to increase your score. You may encounter many obstacles in the game such as rocks, traps, cameras, wooden sticks, and so on. You will be caught if you hit them. At that point, the game will have to start from the beginning. However, you can also encounter help items that are scattered along the way like magnets, springs, etc. You can use them to get more berries or to overcome obstacles more easily. At the end of the game, use your berries to buy support items in the supermarket. You know. This is exactly the game you should enjoy during the holidays.

The hidden things in the supermarket

You can use your coins to buy one of the given items in the supermarket including hats, shields, hammers, shoes, pants and magnets. You can protect yourself with items such as hats, shields or hammers. Become faster with shoes and harvest more berries on the road with magnets.