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Brief about Wormax.io

The principles

Wormax.io is a multiplayer io game developed by Elyland. Your goal is to kill other worms and collect them to become the strongest worm in your land.

This game is inspired by Slither. With attractive and new rules, the game will definitely make you want to conquer. You will transform into a beautiful worm. Move the mouse to control the direction of the worm to move in the area. Besides, skillfully intercept other worms in the pool to eliminate them. Then go back to eat them to strengthen your power. After each time collects other worms, you will grow. However, remember not to let any worm stop you. You will die if you crash on them. You can use special skills in the game to assist you. Claim your position and prove you are the biggest worm in this game.

Developer and platform

This game is one of the most appealing online worm games. It was updated in December 2022 and released by Elyland. You can play on both web browsers and mobile devices.

How to control the worm

Use your mouse to control the worm's movement direction
Press the Q button to accelerate
Press the W button to stop
Use the E button to stealth

Special skills in Wormax.io

Your worm comes with 3 built-in skills such as acceleration, stopping, and stealth. With the boost button, you can increase your speed in seconds when you want to block your opponent's way. With the stop button, you can stop the day immediately when you are about to crash into your opponent. Besides, when you are long enough, you can use the stealth function. With this function, you can go through any worm without dying. You can also get boosters or trophies along the way. Some boosters can be mentioned as a magnet, Anti-Slimming, poison, length, radiation, and so on. Each booster will have a unique ability. It's interesting, isn't it? What are you waiting for, join this game right now.