Wednesday Clicker

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General things about Wednesday Clicker

The game rules

Zoom your eyes on the hot one-click game that is Wednesday Clicker. Click continuously on the circular window to collect more coins and unlock more new items.

With the basic one-click mechanic, this game will attract you at first sight. You don't have any time pressure, level, or opponent pressure in this game. You just need to click to make a lot of money. You also have to unlock all the items in the right column. To unlock them, you need to keep clicking on the screen to earn income. Firstly, you need to click many times on the circular window on the main screen to fill the scale. You will see a scale at the top of the screen. After each click, you can collect a sum of money. After filling up the scale, you can get more coins and unlock the next item. An item is considered to be unlocked after the item boxes in the right corner of the screen turn green. At that time, you can choose to click on the window to generate more money or upgrade or unlock new items in the right column. The following items and upgrades will help you get more money than the previous ones. Explore all the items in the game for more fun. You can reset the game with the P symbol after you reach 10 ti. That means you have to earn more income and unlock all the items.

Developer and platform

This game was inspired by the Wednesday movie. It was developed and launched by Neko in September 2022. You can play it both on mobile devices and web browsers like laptops, computers, or Macs.

Highlights about Wednesday Clicker

In this game, you can unlock a bunch of items and upgrade them over and over again. You will start the game with a one-click symbol, coins, and a Pyrama fish. However, after you click multiple times, you will unlock new features and items like an umbrella, Gargoygle, cello, dance, scratches, Goody Adams, and so on. To unlock a new item, you need to click repeatedly to fill up the scale. You can also upgrade your old items. For each upgrade, you need to spend a large amount of money. However, the money will be refunded after you unlock new items. New items will bring you double coins and value. Therefore, you need to unlock new items to get more useful items and increase your currency. This game has an automatic deposit mechanism. Therefore, the more you play, the more your money will increase. Your money in the game can be up to millions or billions. In addition, in the left column, there are some upgrade items or boosters including charge, income up, and sale. You can increase charging power by the charge, increase your income with income up and reduce the cost of your action by sale 10%. You also need some money to upgrade them. In addition, you can boost your income with an x2 bonus. Enjoy this game you will see a lot of interesting things.