Tactics Core

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Engage in the Epic Robot Warfare of Tactics Core

Tactics Core is an online multiplayer shooting game. Take control of your robot, fight the opposing team to destroy their base and win a resounding victory.

Commence your journey by handpicking your preferred robot from an array of 16 distinctive choices. Among them stand stalwarts like Silencer, Spider Tank, Javelin, Bomber, Roller, Manta, Harpy, Battleship, Gladiator, Disruptor Cannon, Peregrine, Warhawk, Krueger, and more. Each robot boasts a unique array of features and powers. Your discerning choice of robot holds the key to triumph. Once your selection is made, a click of the Play button thrusts you into the heart of battle.

The battlefield serves as the backdrop for an intense clash between the blue and red teams. Your pivotal role is to expertly maneuver your robot, unleashing volleys upon the enemy robots with unrelenting precision. A higher count of felled adversaries translates to an augmented point tally. Should your health approach perilous levels, an instant retreat to your base by tapping the 1 key becomes imperative, triggering automatic health recovery. To decimate multiple opponents in tandem, unleash the power of your missiles. Triumph is solely achieved through the elimination of all opposing robots and the annihilation of their base. The mini-map nestled in the lower left corner of your screen provides a strategic overview of your position and the enemy's.

Forge alliances and pit your skills against global players or rally your friends by sharing the game link, beckoning them to join you in battle.

Commandeering the Battlefield

  • Employ the WASD keys for fluid movement or aerial navigation.
  • Depress the left mouse button to discharge lethal projectiles.
  • Activate your base retreat by striking the 1 key.
  • Unleash the potency of your missiles by tapping the 2 key.
  • Rotate your weapon to target different angles using the T key.