Swing Monkey

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Short information about Swing Monkey

The rules

Become an adorable monkey in the fun arcade game called Switch Monkey. Control your monkey to move from this ring to other rings and touch the finish line.

With smooth moves and swings like Spider-Man, this one-click game certainly satisfies you. You will have to control the monkey in this game. Control him to bounce with springs. Then click on a ring to take a hook. Use that hook to help the monkey swing from ring to ring until he crosses the finish line. However, be careful because you will lose if the monkey falls. Trampolines can be both your boost item and an obstacle as they can propel you far. Note that the length of the hooks is different. Some will have unlimited length while others will be shorter. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the hooks to safely cross the rings. After reaching the finish line, the next level will open for you.

Developer and platform

This game was released on September 2020. It is developed by MarketJS company. You can play it both on mobile devices and web browsers such as laptops, computers, macs, and so on.

Noteworthy things about Swing Monkey

This game has mixed levels divided into easy to hard levels. You can pass the first levels easily. However, you need to pay more effort to defeat the next levels. You may have to overcome more hooks or face more obstacles to reach the endpoint. If you don't handle or react in time, you can miss the hook.