Superman Nuclear Rescue

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Prove you as a superhero!

You will become famous heroes in animated movies when you play Justice League Nuclear Rescue. You will role-play these characters and complete your challenge. Join an exciting puzzle platformer with six iconic DC superheroes: Superman, Batman, Flash, Robin, Wonder Woman and Cyborg. Your mission is to strategically switch between these characters, each with their own unique set of gameplay abilities. Together, you will overcome a series of challenging levels to foil the evil plans of Brainiac, who intends to blow up the nuclear reactor.

Superhero mission

Join forces with the Justice League and aid them in their quest to stop this evil mastermind and his army of robots. You will need to infiltrate the nuclear facility quickly and efficiently, ensuring the timely closure of all reactors before disaster strikes.

Utilize each hero's unique powers, tackle complex obstacles, and overcome formidable enemies. Only through teamwork and strategic coordination can the Justice League triumph over the impending danger.