Super Monkey Run

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Welcome to Super Monkey Run

Experience the journey to discover new lands with the mischievous monkey in Super Monkey Run. Take the monkey to overcome tough challenges to collect coins.

Have you ever seen monkeys who know how to collect coins or go through complicated journeys? You will see that in this game. Control the monkey to overcome the obstacles and collect all the coins. To do this, use the arrow keys to jump over the obstacles. Press the x key to use weapons to attack or defeat enemies on the way. Along the way, you can come across boost items like magnets, shields, and wings. However, the time to use them is limited. Therefore, use them wisely. Try to collect all coins to increase income and collect full stars. At the end of the game, you can use those coins to exchange for interesting items in the shop. Surely, this game will definitely make you spare no time and effort.

Remarkable Super Monkey Run

The way to control the monkey

Use the ARROW keys to move

Use the SPACEBAR key to jump up

Press on the X key to use weapons

Map of the game

You will have to pass through 6 main areas from hills to deserts, ice mountains and strongholds. At each map, you will have countless small levels. Each small level will be a challenge for you. You have to pass a level to get 3 stars and win the game. Each map will also have some specific stars for you to pass. Try your best to collect as many stars as you can and complete all the maps.

Items in the shop

Finally, you can use your coins to exchange for interesting items in the shop. For example, you can buy some new outfits like hats, and belts, buy boost items including wings, magnets, and shields, buy new weapons, or upgrade your character.