Stickman Party Parkour

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What about Stickman Party Parkour

The game rules

Show the power of friendship in a 2-player game that is Stickman Party Parkour. Control your stickman to jump across platforms and collect special squares.

As one of the best action games, this game will definitely captivate you. Play as the stickman and overcome all the obstacles on the way. Move and jump on platforms to reach the endpoint. However, you need to wait for your friend. You can't go on without teammates. Besides, collect square boxes to advance to the next level. If one of the stickmen falls, you lose. At that time, the game will return to its original position. Try with your teammates to overcome all obstacles to the finish line.

How to guide the stickman

The red and pink stickman

Use the WASD keys to control the first stickman

Use the W key to jump up

The green and blue stickman

Press the ARROW keys to guide the second stickman

Press the UP ARROW key to jump up

Special information about Stickman Party Parkour

There are all 4 stickmen in this game including blue, red, green, and pink. You can change it by pressing the switch button. Each turn, 2 stickmen will be moved. In the first turn, the red and blue stickmen will be moved. On the next turn, green and pink stickmen will be gone. After 2 characters go to the finish line, the next characters must finish. Then, you will win.