Stickman Parkour 2 - Lucky Block

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Some things you will be keen on

Moving across platforms to get to the portal and complete your level is Stickman Parkour 2 - Lucky Blocks priority. Experience the fun things in this version.

Unlike the first part, this sequel will bring you many unique levels as well as more difficult challenges. You need to use the stickman's toughness and dexterity to pass the platforms and reach the finish line. There are countless platforms in this game. Use features like running, jumping, and climbing to overcome platforms and obstacles. Along the way, you will encounter some notes. They may have special instructions to help you get out of levels as quickly as possible. Note that you may encounter unstable platforms on the way. You will fall if you don't pay attention to them. Sometimes, you will come across special companions. Try to be faster than them. The level will end when you fall down. You will go to a new level if you step through the portal.

Stickman's way of moving

  • You can use the WASD keys or the AROW keys to move
  • Press the UP ARROW key or the W key to jump or climb
  • To jump twice, press double time on the UP ARROW key and the W

The difference with the first part of Stickman Parkour 2 - Lucky Block

There are 4 main levels including normal level, underwater level, cyberpunk level, and lucky block level. Each main level will come with several small levels. For example, in the regular level, you have 50 sub-levels while in the underwater level, you have 9 sub-levels. You must successfully reach the finish line to pass a level.