Snail Bob 5

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Engage in the new journey of Snail Bob 5

The sequel to Snail Bob is back and bringing you even more fun in Snail Bob 5. Continue to help the snail overcome the obstacles to complete the levels.

A one-click adventure game that you should not miss. Bob has found his other half. Therefore, this part 5 is Bob's journey to find love with his other half. To reach your destination, you must overcome a series of small challenges. In mini challenges, you have to take Bob through obstacles as well as traps or dangerous enemies. Then, bring the snail to the finish line to complete these challenges. Use the buttons in the game to overcome the obstacles. You can speed up the snail by tapping on the acceleration icon and stop the snail by tapping on him. Note that if you get bored with the obstacles, you will lose and have to do the level again. There are countless levels for you to choose from. Besides, you also need to search for stars to get a high score. There are 3 stars in each level. Try to complete all the levels. Will Bob's journey to find love be thorny? This depends on you.

All levels in Snail Bob 5

The game gives you 25 levels along with 75 stars. You need to overcome many obstacles, dangerous enemies, and difficult terrain to complete the challenges. Then continue with a higher level. The stars will not appear in front of you. Sometimes, you need a sharp eye to judge. The level will end if Bob crashes into an enemy or falls into the abyss.