Snail Bob

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Experience the exciting things in the journey of Snail Bob

It seems that adventure games are never out of hot, especially Snail Bob. Guide the snail to his new house by controlling him and using the tools on the way.

Despite being released for a long time, the game has always been considered as one of the most exciting adventure games for players. Move Bob to the exit position. However, you will encounter many ups and downs on this journey. You can use the tools on the road to help you overcome obstacles and reach the finish line easily. Follow the instructions of the early levels to understand how you will use the tools. Besides, finish the game fast to get a high score. So how do snails move fast? Use the x2 button in the top right corner of the screen to speed up Bob. If you need time to deal with an obstacle or think, you can press on him to pause and think twice before continuing. Break your leg and pass all the levels with the highest score you can.

Facts that you may be keen on

Development history

This is one of Agame's best games. You can play it on web browsers like computers, phones, laptops, or Macs. It was released in May 2017 and is Bob's first journey in the Snail Bob series.

Blocked levels

You can see 20 levels in the menu panel. The levels will be tricky and tougher as you progress. To get to higher levels, you have to guide the snail to the exit point and overcome obstructions. At high levels, it requires more time to think and more obstacles to overcome. Please be smart to beat the game in the shortest time.