Slice it All

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Bouncing a Sharp Knife

Slice it All is a fascinating game with the knife as your tool. Your task is to overcome everything on your way while skillfully avoiding dangerous traps. Equipped with a unique and versatile knife, you'll find that it can effortlessly cut through any obstacle. To guide it forward, simply bounce the knife and ensure it passes over all objects. Once it descends, it will effectively slice through anything below.

Accomplish Missions in Slice it All

Your objective revolves around bouncing the knife to reach its designated destination. Expect obstacles obstructing your way, but with your adept knife skills, you can swiftly cut them down the middle.

Cut Through Anything

Whether it's sturdy brown wooden planks, rolling balls, or robust iron bars, your knife can cleave them all with a single stroke. Yet, precision in knife movement is crucial to reaching these objects. Are you up for the challenge?

Avoid Traps and Perils of the Ground

Objects are positioned atop platforms for your knife to land on securely. However, hitting the ground spells instant defeat. Moreover, be wary of the menacing red traps scattered on the platforms, they pose a serious threat. Exercise caution and stay clear of them.

Master the Game Controls

Harness your mastery by clicking the left mouse button to control the knife's movements. Maximize your earnings by expertly slicing numerous objects, and don't miss the opportunity to multiply your rewards by accurately targeting the multiplier column at the path's end.