Roller Coaster

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Enjoy the thrilling feeling on Roller Coaster

Spend your summer on the thrilling 3D game Roller Coaster. Control your roller coaster collecting passengers and money to reach the checkpoint safely.

If you've ever had exciting experiences on a roller coaster or are a fan of this adventure game, this game will once again bring those emotions to you. Control the roller coaster left or right to collect coins and keys on the tracks. Besides, you also need to pick up the passengers and stay away from the obstacles. The game will end when you go to the wrong lane or hit the obstacles. In order for the train to run, you need to keep your hand on the left mouse button continuously. Your level will be completed when all passengers are successfully disembarked. You also need to try to collect as many coins as possible. You can use your money to upgrade important items.

Why Roller Coaster is a fun experience

All levels which you need to overcome

The levels will be classified from low to difficult. The game has no level limit, so you need to try to pass all the levels and get the highest score. Some of the obstacles that you may see include bombs, spikes, broken tracks, and so on. Your passengers will be thrown off the roller coaster if you collide with them. Besides, collecting enough coins and passengers on rails will help you get some high income.

Special items in the shop

You can upgrade the necessary items including passengers and wagons in the shop. There are 6 passengers and 5 wagons available to you. However, it requires you to spend some money to unlock them. Besides, some special items require you to have 3 keys to open.