Roller Baller

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Basic points of Roller Baller

The principles

Take part in one of the most exciting ball games which is roller baller. Roll your ball to pass through all the platforms and reach the finish line.

If you are a big fan of ball games, you must dump into this game now. Or enter your name to start the game. This is a game with many levels. You need to get the ball over the platforms to reach the finish line and open up new levels. Use the arrow keys or your finger to control the ball to jump from platform to platform. On some levels, you have to both quickly move to the next platform and skillfully avoid all the obstacles on the way. After the ball passes all the platforms, you will see a golden hole. You need to lead your ball to pass through that hole to move to the next level. You have to be careful not to fall off any platform. If your ball is fallen down, you will have to start the game from the beginning. The game gives you tons of levels to choose from. After completing the whole level, you will be able to unlock the new mode. The challenges will increase in difficulty as you progress further. The background is one of the challenges in the game because sometimes they will distract you with the color of the platform. Don't fall at any point to conquer higher milestones. The higher you go, the higher your score. Try your best to get the highest score possible and take a high place on the leaderboard.

How to guide your ball

  • Computer

Use your mouse to play

Use the ARROW keys or WASD keys to move

Press on the SPACEBAR key to jump up

Use the R key to restart the game

  • Mobile phone

Hold or press on your screen to play

Noteworthy information in Roller Baller

The game lets you experience 40 different levels. Each level is a new journey and challenge. The obstacles will increase and get harder as you reach new levels. The first level is just a demo level for you to experience the game and teach you how to play. From the second level, the game will appear more challenges. At level 2, the platforms are arranged in a downward and then upward pattern. The gap between them will be wider as you step and level 3. There will be a lot of walls to block your path to the next level. The walls are also moveable on level 4. After that, you can face more difficulties and difficult terrain in later levels. The road will have more platforms. You will face more unexpected obstacles. The road will have more bends or be converted into a more difficult shape for you to pass. You need to try your best to pass all the levels. In addition, the game of the same level gives you two main modes. It's normal and free-play. In the normal mode, that is the mode that provides the 40 levels given above. Another is the free-play mode. You must pass the ball over the obstacles, and the platform to go as far as possible. When you get a far enough distance, you get a high score.