Push Push Cat

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Test your IQ with the puzzle game Push Push Cat

Get the cute cat out of the maze by moving all the barriers that are blocking its way. After that, you can easily pass all levels of Push Push Cat.

As a classic sliding puzzle game, this game is sure to attract many gamers, especially cat lovers. Giusp the adorable cats get out of the maze by moving the bars. To move them, you have to click on a bar and drag them to make an empty spot. After the cat's path is cleared, you can push your cat off the screen. The game is over when the little cat is successfully escaped from the maze. Be careful because you can easily get stuck in difficult levels. If you get stuck and can not escape, you can replay the game, redo the move or use hints. After a few special levels, you can get coins and hints. You only have a few suggestions to use. Returning to the daily game or participating in the daily puzzle is the best way to get them.

Some awesome factors are waiting for you in Push Push Cat

All the cats

There are countless cats for you to choose from. You can see them in my cat's section. You can unlock a new cat by leveling up. Each cat will have a different appearance. This surely makes interested cat fans.

Areas of your challenges

Plus, you have up to 38 zones for your challenge divided into home and travel. It includes parks, streets, cafes, ruins, harbors, Egypt, Scotland, and so on. Each new area will bring different challenges, and different levels and unlock new cats for you