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Overcome Platfoban with your Sokoban experience

The gameplay

Experience the new version of the Sokoban game in Platfoban. Teleport between two game modes to control the character collect every coin and complete the level.

Inspired by Sokoban, this game will make you have fun and new experiences. To complete the small levels in the game, you need to collect all the coins. However, the coins are not always easy to pick up. Therefore, in some levels, you don't just run and jump. You also need to switch to Sokoban mode to push platforms or the chest to easily collect coins. You need flexibility in controlling the two modes. Once you collect all the coins, you can continue to the next level. Countless attractive levels are waiting for you, join the game now to experience.

How to control your character

Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Tap on the W key or the UP ARROW key to jump up

Press on the Q key or the SHIFT key to switch the mode

Details about features in Platfoban

2 main modes

In your quest for coins, the game gives you two main modes including platform mode and Sokoban mode. In platform mode, you can only perform movements like running and jumping to collect coins. In Sokoban mode, you can control the game by pushing a box like Sokoban. You can push platforms and treasure chests for easy coin access. After getting close to the target, you can switch back to the original mode to jump up and collect those coins. The flexibility between modes is a challenge that the game gives you.

Beat all levels

Besides the game mode, the levels are also an attraction for gamers. You have to go through 30 levels ranked from low to high. Each level gives you a certain number of coins. You need to try to collect all the coins to reach the finish line. Try to overcome the obstacles as well as the puzzles in the game. If you collide with obstacles like spikes, you will have to replay the game. Try to conquer the game by passing these 30 available levels.