Penguin Diner

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Manage your restaurant with the penguin in Penguin Diner

Help penguins in selling and managing restaurants with Penguin Diner. Serve your customers at the table and get paid for completing a business day.

If you are looking to enjoy restaurant management games, this is a good choice. Control the penguin to receive customers and serve them. The customers will come to your store. Click on them to pick them up and click on the table to reserve them. Pay attention to the penguins that say "hello" to you. Go to them to take the order. After serving a few customers, you need to come to collect money and clear the table to welcome the next guests. Each of your working days will have a specific time. In the time allotted, you need to try to serve as many customers as possible. Some demanding guests will leave early if you serve them quickly. You can use trash to dump the food that some guests got angry and left. You can also get an extra tip if you serve a lot of guests within the allotted time. Finally, you can use your coins to unlock upgrade items in the game. Are you ready to open and manage this restaurant?

Upgrade items in Penguin Diner

Some of the support items you can see in the game include skates, televisions, and chairs. Each of these boosters requires an amount to pay. Skates will help the penguins increase their speed. To unlock the skate for the first time, you need $50. The TV will help increase customer wait time and require $100 to unlock while for as little as $60 you can unlock the comfier seat to collect more tips from customers.