Paper.io 2

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General about Paper.io 2

Dip into a multiplayer io game called Paper.io 2. Take control of your square to capture other areas of your opponent and expand your territory.

With addictive gameplay and new rules, the game surely brings in a large fan base. In the game, you will turn into a square. What you need to do is to conquer new territories. Use the mouse to move out of your territory. After that, return to your land to zone and establish your territory. Remember that you should not go too far. You can be killed by dangerous opponents outside. They can cut you off to kill you. Similarly, you can also kill them by cutting them off. No place is as safe as your territory. You can defend yourself if you stay in your territory. However, you have to go out to capture new territories and expand your territory. After capturing new territory or killing external opponents, you need to hold your territory within minutes to become king. Try to capture as much territory as possible to get a high score and become king in your land.

Characters in Paper.io 2

You can change the skin of your square based on 18 given skins. You can freely choose from skins including ladybug, tank, duck, sushi, rainbow, Nyan cat, watermelon, Minion, Freddy, Spiderman, and so on. Each skin will have a different territory and appearance. Change it to change and improve your skill.