Papa's Scooperia

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Short introduction about Papa's Scooperia

Check out your cooking skill in an awesome cooking game which is Papa's Scooperia. Follow the instructions in the game to create as perfect dishes as possible.

If you are a fan of cooking games or restaurant management, you will adore this game. Welcome your guests and first orders at the order counter. Here, you can see customer orders, note them and remember them. Next, you need to bring those orders to the dough station to pick up the dough. Follow the directions for a perfect dough. Move the spoon around the tray in the shape of an arrow. Try to move as slowly as possible to form a perfect dough. Then choose the topping for your cake. Next, bring them to bake in the bake station. Bake the dough on medium and take it out immediately when it turns green. Your cake could burn if you don't lift it out in time. Next, don't forget to bring them to the building station to choose toppings for them. You need to recall your orders and follow them to decorate your cake. Finally, after completing all the steps, drag the ticket onto the tray to mark it complete and bring it to your customer at the order counter. Then you can get some money. If your order is highly rated, you will get some great points and tips. If your order is rated low, you will receive less points. Continue to sell in the following days to discover more interesting things from the game. You can use your money to change clothes for the salesperson and unlock new ingredients or customers. Join the game on the store's special holidays, you will receive attractive gifts.

Interesting things in Papa's Scooperia

All the ingredients

In this game, you have the opportunity to discover many delicious ingredients such as Cookie Doughs, Dough Mixables, Ice Creams, Syrups and Whipper cream, and Toppings. You can unlock many new ingredients within the next few days. In particular, some ingredients will be unlocked when you participate in special holidays.

Special days

You have 12 holidays in the game. Some prime holidays are New Year, Thanksgiving, Holi, Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's Day. After each holiday, you can rank up or receive some special gifts such as opening new ingredients or unlocking new characters. For example, you can unlock Xandra on New Year, unlock Scattlet on Valentine's Day, or unlock Pintch Hitwell on Baseball season.


The characters in this game are so varied. You can unlock a new customer when you complete multiple days in the game or participate in special holidays. You can unlock clients from more than 100 customers available in the game. At a high rank, you will unlock many special customers. However, some customers are very easygoing while others can be very strict. You need to make the best possible orders to get as many tips from them. You can also choose your chef's character and change their costume or style. You can upgrade your character so that they can serve customers better.