Monkey Go Happy Stage 105

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About Monkey Go Happy Stage 105

Back to the mission to bring laughter to the monkey in Monkey Go Happy Stage 105. Use the items on your road to collect all the baby monkeys and finish tasks.

The game will be a mental medicine for you on tired days. In this journey, you have the task to find all the monkeys and explore everything on the boat. You will transform into an old monkey. To find your baby monkeys, you need to support the characters in the game first. You need to follow the yellow arrow to explore other areas on the boat. Collect items that you will be on the boat. You need to pay attention to the small details to use as keys and unlock your doors. Try your best to find all the mischievous baby monkeys. Don't be discouraged if you're stuck with a challenge. Try your best.

Special details in Monkey Go Happy Stage 105

You need to pick up small items on the boat like bananas, the medallion, the black flat, and so on. You can find them in the areas on the boat. Then, unlock the chest to help the man find the cans of worms for fishing bait. Finally, you can find the last hidden baby monkey.