Monkey Escape

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Summary Monkey Escape

Join another fun arcade game about monkeys that is Monkey Escape. Protect the monkey by helping him climb the tree as high as possible and avoiding obstacles.

With the same mechanic as Swing Monkey, this game will not make it difficult for you. Control the monkey to climb higher by clicking your mouse. Each time you click, the monkey will jump higher. However, if you stop, the monkey will slide down. On the tree, there are many obstacles like leaves. Help your monkey avoid them. Remember that if your monkey hits those obstacles or slips off the tree, you will lose. You need to do your best to climb as high as you can. The higher you climb, the more points you get. You can get special achievements by participating in the challenges in this section. Let your monkey reach a new height.

A variety of achievements in Monkey Escape

You can see many special achievements in the achievement section including long slider, incarnation, fast runner, tactical slider, ninja addict, and so on. To achieve these achievements, you need to complete given challenges such as dying 500 times, jumping 10000 m in total, sliding 1000 m in total, and playing each day for 30 days.