Monkey Bubble Shooter

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A few words about Monkey Bubble Shooter

The gameplay

Put aside the fatigue to come in the classic bubble shooting game that is Monkey Bubble Shooter. Shoot to remove as many balls as possible to collect bananas.

With the same rules as the classic bubble shooting games, you can easily control and win this game. The bananas are stuck in the bubbles. You need to remove the balls to collect bananas for the monkey. To get rid of them, you need to use floating bubbles to shoot the same color bubble hanging above. Use the navigation bar to control the shooting direction for the floating balls. Note that only balls of the same color can be eliminated. The balls will be added if they are not the same color. The bubbles will gradually lower. Try to get rid of them all before they fill your screen. Besides, you can also change the color of the floating bubble with the B key to facilitate shadow removal. Pop all the balls and use as less balls as possible to collect all 3 stars for each level. There are countless levels to challenge you. Let's come to this game to enjoy it.

The history

This game was developed by MarketJS. It was published on October 2018. You can play it both on mobile devices and web browsers like computers, laptops, or Macs.

Appealing levels in Monkey Bubble Shooter

The game gives you 24 levels to play categorized from easy to difficult. You need to pass a level to qualify for the next one. The early levels will be easy for you to control. However, at high levels, you need to eliminate more balls. You need to think carefully and use floating bubbles flexibly to pass all levels. After completing a level, you will get 1 number of stars with points. Try to beat all levels in the fastest time with the fewest moves to get a high score.