Lipuzz Water Sort Puzzle

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It's time for challenging your IQ with Lipuzz Water Sort Puzzle

Lipuzz Water Sort Puzzle is a trending puzzle game recently. Sort the liquids in this jar to each other by pouring from one glass jar to another.

If you are bored with action or racing games, this game will be a reasonable choice for you to exercise your brain gently. You will see several glass jars with a liquid mixture. Pour liquids from one vial to another to sort them. You have no pour limit. However, you can only pour liquids of the same color together. You can speed up the pour by switching from slow to fast. You can also restart the game or redo your move when you get stuck. However, you only have 5 redos. Therefore, if you run out of 5 times you will not be able to make the move again. You can have an extra vial for liquids when too much liquid is given. However, you must follow the request to get more jars. After distinguishing the liquids, you will complete the level and qualify for the next one. Do you have the courage and brain to solve all the levels given?

Levels are given to challenge you in Lipuzz Water Sort Puzzle

The levels are extremely diverse. You have to pass the easy levels to be challenged in the harder levels. Higher levels will bring more jars as well as more liquids that need to be sorted. High levels are also easy to make you confused or confused. Therefore, you need to think carefully before pouring. If you get stuck, you can either restart the level or use an extra jar.