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The abstract of Lights

Brighten up your day with the charming puzzle game that is Lights. You have to rotate to connect all the wires to the battery and light up the lights.

If you want to test your intelligence and eyesight with puzzle games, you should play this game. With 4 difficulties, you need to choose 1 of 4 difficulties to start the game. Your task is to light all the light bulbs. To light them, you need to connect the battery and the lights. Click on the wires to rotate them. You will complete the game when all the batteries and lights are connected together. Then, you can continue the game at a higher level. Try to complete the game in the shortest time with the fewest moves to get a high score. Wish you success.

Abnormalities of Light

The tactics to win the game

  • If you are new, start the game with an easy level.
  • Let's start with the placement of the lights. It will be easier if you choose to move the lights in the middle.
  • Time is of the essence in all games. Therefore, do not complete a level for too long.

Modes and levels

The game has 4 modes including easy, medium, hard, and extreme. Each mode will have 10 small levels. After completing 1 level, you will get 3 stars and 1 point. The challenge will increase with the levels, so try to complete them.