Kong Climb

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Keep eyes on Kong Climb

The principles of the game

Kong Climb is a cool fast-paced game worth enjoying over the weekend. Jump from this side to another between buildings to achieve a high score.

Are you a big fan of the movie Kong: Skull Island? Do you hope the character Kong will continue to live in the city or be defeated like the ending in the movie? Transform into the main character Kong in this game. You have to jump from one side of the building to the other to escape. However, avoid all obstacles and balconies on the tower. You will fall if you touch them. Besides, remember to collect the bananas. You will be activated in 3s immortal mode with that banana. Many eyes are on you but don't pay too much attention to them. Try to avoid as many obstacles as possible to go far and get a high point.

How to jump

Computer: Use the SPACEBAR key, the W key, the UP ARROW key, or the left mouse to jump

Mobile devices: Tap continuously on your phone to jump

Things you will encounter in buildings in Kong Climb

You need to deal with a lot of things on your journey. Some of the obstacles you can encounter include balconies, air conditioners, flower pots, water pipes, billboards, elevators, glass cleaners, and so on. You must avoid them if you don't want to fall down. Besides, you will also see support items like bananas or peppers. After collecting bananas, you will not fall when you hit the obstacles. You will activate the ability to fly if you collect the chili. It will help you 3 times the current score. Just join the game.