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Sweep your city with Hole.io

Have you ever wondered how black holes appear? This will be answered in Hole.io. Attract everything on the way to become the biggest hole and defeat other ones.

One of the addictive io games that you can't miss this summer is here. What to do if you become a black hole on the road. First, collect objects or small things on the way. Then continue to suck bigger things like buildings and other pits. Note that you have to stay away from other pits on the way. They can suck you in if you're not paying attention. Besides, destroy the smaller holes to become bigger. Try to become the biggest hole to achieve a high score. Then you can continue with other modes or maps.

Facts that they need to pay attention to in Hole.io

Firstly, you can freely change the skin of your pit from the available skins. Secondly, you can choose 4 modes in the game including classic, battle royale, team, and solo run. With classic mode, you have to become a pit and try to collect items on the way to survive for 2 minutes. In battle royale, you have to survive and beat other holes to become the only one. You will fight in team with another team hole. In the end you have to collect the whole map with solo run before time runs out. No matter what mode you play, fight hard. Thirdly, the game gives you a variety of maps. Jump into the game to sweep and discover everything.