Helix Jump

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Release your stress with Helix Jump

An entertaining game to practice skills and reflexes is Helix Jump which you can not take your hands off the screen. Try to pass as many platforms as possible.

With its extremely easy mechanism, I guarantee that this towel won't give you a hard time. In the game, you need to get the ball across as many platforms as possible. Rotate the towel to bring the ball down. However, you need to keep in mind that not every platform is an ideal landing. You need to avoid hard platforms or different colors because they can cause your ball to break when passing. You will have the power to break multiple platforms at once as you pass multiple platforms. However, the platforms will become more and more difficult for you to place the ball. Therefore, you must think carefully and move skillfully. A good tip is when your balls bounce, quickly get them out of danger. Then use the green arrows to break multiple platforms at once. The platforms will change color each time you play. You will lose if you touch different colored platforms. Try to pass as many platforms as possible to get a high score. Let's try out to check your dexterity.

Helix Jump's specific details

The platform and developer

Helix Jump is an action game released in 2018 by Voodoo. It is considered one of the popular game applications at that time and is supported on most platforms such as mobile devices or desktop devices. With its twisted tower, many floors, and eye-catching graphics, the game is an interesting part of young children's childhood.

Some useful experiment

There are a few tips that I think will work for you. First, as mentioned, you need to quickly rotate the towel as the ball bounces to cross the different colored platforms. Second, it is wise to choose platforms of different colors to pass. Next, trying to use the green arrows will help you go a longer distance. Finally, you can rotate the tower even while the ball is falling, so to avoid landing on hard platforms, you need to control it even while the ball is falling down.