Haunt The House

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Brief information about Haunt The House

The game's rules

Relax with the fun and popular action game which is Haunt The House. Help the ghost scare people to chase them out of the house by using household items.

Have you ever seen ghosts or been afraid of them? Overcome your fear and become a ghost in this fun game. Role a play as a ghost and find ways to scare people. Use items and objects available in the house and become them with the spacebar button. Use arrow keys to use items or objects in the house to perform spooky actions. Tap the space bar again to out of the object and return to the ghost form. However, you cannot scare anyone if you are in your original body. After scaring people in one room, you can fly to the next room to continue scaring them. Continue until there are no one left in the house. You need to perform this scare in the shortest time to get the expected high ranking. In particular, the atmosphere will become darker when you level up. Try not to kill anyone. You may end up meeting people you accidentally killed. Then, keep continuing with scaring people in museums, hospitals, movie theaters, or ships. Try to scare and kick all 30 people out of the house in a single note.

The developer and platform

This is one of the hot action games which is developed by SFB Games. It was launched in January 2013. You can play it both on mobile devices and web browsers such as laptops, macs, or computers.

How to control your ghost

  • Computer

Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Press the SPACEBAR to take the object or do the spooky action

Use the S key to possess the object when it is closed

  • Mobile phones

Tap and click on the screen to control

Special factors in Haunt The House

The rooms in the game

There are countless objects in this house for you to use like a book, a mirror, a bathtub, a doll, a cabinet, a potted plant, a rug, a picture, a lamp, and so on. You can use them to create spooky actions and scare people. You can see these objects in the rooms in the game. For each room such as the living room, bedroom, reading room, kitchen, or bathroom, there will be different objects.

The atmosphere

Besides objects, the atmosphere is also an indispensable thing. The more you play, the more gloomy and thrilling the atmosphere will become. You will have the atmosphere more terrifying after you haunt a lot of people. A darker atmosphere will make people easily go away. It will go from relaxed to quiet, feeling strange, creepy, and terrifying. You will complete the game when you switch to terrifying levels.

The effects and graphics

To reinforce your fear and scare the players, the game has brought you beautiful graphics and effects. You can see that your ghost character is designed to be easy and attractive. Besides that, with the atmosphere darkening, you can see the sound and visual effects become more vivid and more horror as you level up.