Gold Miner Tom

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Become a professional gold digger

Explore and conquer the underground gold mine with Gold Miner Tom. Start collecting gold and precious treasures hidden under the surface of the earth. Aim carefully and guide Tom to grab all the precious items within his reach. Mining life is no easy feat, and the quest for these precious metals is both challenging and time-consuming.

Your task in Gold Miner Tom

To earn the required money, your task is to snatch valuable items like gold and diamonds. Moreover, be on the lookout for secret bags that hold delightful surprises. Time is of the essence, so strategize wisely to avoid gathering low-value and heavy items, such as stones, as they will consume more of your valuable time.

As you progress, the game offers exciting upgrades and bonuses for your Tom character, including bombs and tonics. Utilize your earned money to purchase and make the most of these advantageous tools.