Gold Miner

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Earn extra income in Gold Miner

An extremely classic and attractive game Gold Miner has been brought back to your home computer. Try to mine the most valuable gold and get a high score.

You may have known this game for a long time but surely its return will still not be able to make you take your eyes off. In the game, you will become a gold miner. Every day you have to earn a required amount of gold to get paid. The anchor will rotate automatically. You need to aim at the anchor's direction and click to drop it. Then the anchor will pull the resource you selected up. You need to collect a sufficient amount of minerals according to the target to earn a high score and complete your working day. Each working day, you will have a specific number of times. If you do not collect enough target resources within the allotted time, you will lose. Therefore, collect as many resources as possible to qualify for the next level. After completing enough goals or running out of resources for you to mine, you can press exit level to complete the level. You also can use your money to buy support items in the shop. There are many interesting things waiting for you in the game, so do not hesitate any longer.

Additional appealing things about Gold Miner

Firstly, the game gives you loads of levels. The levels will become increasingly difficult and there are many objects for you to choose from. Objects that you have to collect like big gold, small gold, or diamond. Besides, at higher levels, you may encounter objects that prevent you from collecting valuable resources. For example, stones will block the way making it harder for you to collect gold. Gas tanks will cause you to explode in a large area. Pigs will run continuously to stop. All of these items are worthless. Therefore, you need to be careful in choosing them. Next, the shop is one thing that attracts most players because you can choose for yourself useful items like bombs, strength drinks, lucky clovers, and so on.