Funny Food Duel

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Engage in the Gameplay of Funny Food Duel

Funny Food Duel is an arena game between adorable pets. Help your pet eat nutritious food while avoiding toxic food to ensure 8 points and win.

Within this game, two distinct modes await your choice: 1 Player and 2 Player modes. Begin by selecting your desired mode, followed by a pick from a selection of 24 adorable pets, ranging from charming dogs to endearing cats. Upon finalizing your selection, initiate the Battle by pressing the corresponding button. In this whimsical contest, you and your opponent will vie to guide your pets to partake in cooked dishes. As each food item materializes, you must deftly maneuver your pet to leap and consume it, earning a point for your efforts. However, vigilance is crucial, as sporadically, harmful poisonous food or icy frozen fare may manifest. Consumption of poisonous items results in pet poisoning and a score deduction, while frozen treats cause your score to decrease by a point. The ultimate aim is to be the first to accumulate 8 points. Triumph in battles leads to the unlocking of numerous new pet avatars.

Control Instructions

  • Player 1: Employ the A key to initiate a jump.
  • Player 2: Utilize the left arrow key to initiate a jump.

Exploring the Spectrum of Achievements

  • Dog Master: To unlock this achievement, sample all the canine characters in the game.
  • Beginner's Luck: Achieve victory for the first time to secure this accomplishment.
  • Never Give Up: Experience defeat for the first time to claim this accolade.
  • Food Fighter: Secure victory in 5 battles to access this achievement.
  • That's Fast: Attain victory within a timeframe of less than 5 minutes to unlock this accolade.
  • Cat Master: Unveil this achievement by trying out every feline character present in the game.