Farmers Vs Aliens

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Fight against aliens in Farmers Vs Aliens

In Farmers Vs Aliens, you will transform into a farmer with a love for the dairy cow. Pick up your gun and shoot down the aliens to protect your dairy cow.

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you faced aliens? This game will only you need to pick up weapons to deal with them. You are a farmer with a deep affection for cows. One day, uninvited guests come to your land. Your mission is now with the villagers to protect your life from these aliens. Use guns to shoot them down. Each alien or UFO will have an energy bar. After each attack, their mana bar will decrease. Try to eliminate all enemies in a short time. Besides, you also get to choose and equip a gun with the coins you earn. You can also continue to the next level after defeating a certain number of aliens in one level.

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Effective weapons

You can choose a new weapon before you enter a level. There are 6 types of guns with different designs and characteristics. Each gun type will have a specific price. For example, you need to use 4000 to buy a shield. 6000 coins are used for a laser gun. 1200 to 3000 for a shotgun.

All levels

There are 60 levels in total that you need to pass. Levels are divided from low level to high level. At higher levels, you need to overcome more aliens, UFOs, and other weird creatures. Your enemies will have different abilities and try to catch your bull. UFOs often come in groups and suck your cow into the air. The aliens will control the cow to follow them. You must protect your cow from these nasty creatures. To remove them easily, you must upgrade your weapon.