Duck Life

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Become a little duck in Duck Life

Main principles

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were a duck? In Duck Life, you need to consume food to stay healthy and complete missions to grow up.

One of the most interesting and appealing emulators you are looking for is here. Nurture your ducks to grow by feeding and training with challenges like flying, running, swimming, and more. First, you need to get food and give it to your duck to give them energy. Their energy will increase after each feeding. You can see it by the energy bar in the top left corner of the screen. You will need to use them for activities and especially on the racetrack. However, to buy food for the duck, you have to use your own money. You can earn some money when you take part in training courses like flying, running and swimming. Try to earn as many coins as possible to exchange for useful items in the shop. Besides, you can also increase your level after each training session. Do you have a gift for this particular pet?

The way duck move

  • PC

The WASD keys or the ARROW keys are used to move and swim

Left click to jump and hold the left mouse button to change flight direction

  • Mobile devices

Tap the screen to control the game

What the life of duck in Duck Life consists of

Training courses for ducks

Your duckling has all 3 training courses in the same race. To participate in the race, the duck must be provided with enough energy by eating food. To get more food, you have to earn money through training courses like swimming, running, and flying. Try to collect as many coins as possible to increase your energy and level up. When you have enough energy, you can challenge yourself with 4 racetracks including beginner races, amateur races, expert races, and world championships. After earning enough money, you can use them to buy more food for your duck or exchange it for items in the shop like hats or skins. A new hat requires 100 coins to redeem and 50 coins to skin your duck.

Some interesting things in stat

You can review your XP, level, rank, and money in the stat section. Initially, you will start with duckling. You need to work hard to level up, money, duck type, and XP points to level up. Besides Duck Life, Donkey Kong is also a worthy choice for you. The higher you level up, the more XP and rank you will grow.