Draw To Pee

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Overview of Draw To Pee

Relieve your stress with the fun puzzle game that is Draw To Pee. Match the characters with the same color toilet and help them solve their problem in time.

If you are getting stuck on a boring day, this game will be the right choice for you. Have you ever had a call of nature without going to the restroom in time? If you have, help the characters in the game not fall into this situation like you. Use your brain and skillful hands to draw straight lines and help the game characters get to their right toilet. However, keep in mind that they cannot go to the wrong toilet, and must help them stay away from obstacles on the way. In addition, if they collide with each other or crash into an obstacle, you will lose. Sometimes, taking a detour is the best way to keep a little girl and boy from bumping into each other. After you complete a level, you can go to the next one. Try your best to overcome all challenges. Join the game to enjoy relaxing moments.

The challenges in Draw To Pee

To win the game, you have to go through 50 levels with increasing difficulty. Each level will have different challenges. For example, level 1 is a recognition stage that helps you understand how to play. From the following levels, you will have to deal with new challenges. For example, you need to pass a maze, cross the road without crashing a car, help 3 or 4 characters go to the restroom, stay away from dummies, and so on.